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Our New Shed

Our members are developing a multi-purpose Men's Shed and community centre, in a staged approach, on a site shared with the famous Johnsonville Hall in the beautiful Twin Rivers region of East Gippsland.

The Twin Rivers Men's Shed Committee is pleased to announce approval of a $150,000 'Black Summer Bushfire Recovery' (BSBR) grant . With this injection of  funds, the project has commenced in earnest with the application for  planning permit approved,  engineering drawings for the foundations, prepared, and the building blocks of the shed delivered.

New shed building blocks

The Grant scheme aims to support recovery and resilience of communities impacted by the 2019–20 bushfires, build stronger communities by supporting social, economic and environmental recovery, and will empower the community to address bushfire recovery priorities, including job creation, sustainable infrastructure and needs-based community investment, and to build and grow the local economy.

This image shows the site as it is today and the following two images, the concept design for the new centre.

Image of current shed site before building
Norhtern Elevaton Concept Diagram of new shed
New Shed Masterplan

Celebrating the Grant approval:

Celebrating the grant approval for new shed , various people

George Potts, Harry Clues, Tom De Voil, Mike Brims, David Ruskin, Trevor Clues, Harry Clues, Grover Hurle, Marion Dawson, Margaret Summerton, Valmai Clues, Ross Wingrove, Ken O'Sullivan, Greg Hayes, Brett Roulston, Bill Clerks, ​Sue Cade, the Hon Darren Chester MP, Arthur Allen, Greg Browne, Kevin Powell, Reg Cunnington, Tim Bull MLA, Jim Nicol. Absent, Geoff McNamara.

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