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  • About | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    About Our lives can change unexpectedly. Some of us ask: “Where do I go to from here?” The Twin Rivers Men's Shed (TRMS) project was formed because many local people were looking for things to do, needed a workshop to help with a hobby, carpentry, engineering project, etc, or having the choice of just being a member and using the premises as needed, or attending on a weekly basis. ​ We provide a place for people of all ages to meet, offering companionship, support with a health issue, and introduce new skills as they voluntarily contribute to the community and private ongoing projects, enabling them to feel a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and well-being, or just to meet and chat over a cup of coffee with friends. ​ We are a “not for profit” organization, registered with the Australian Charities and Not–for–profits Commission. The organisation works under the banners of the Australian Men's Shed Association and the Victorian Men's Shed Association. ​ We meet all work-safe practices with qualified members undertaking the responsibility of ensuring all areas comply, including the Test and Tagging of all electrical equipment, Fire and Chemical Hazard prevention, safe use of all tools and equipment, food handling, and responsible serving of alcohol (for special functions). ​ Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted on the premises. Anyone affected by drugs or alcohol will be refused entry to the workshop area but will be assisted to help with their problem. ​ The new shed is now open at 1754 Princes Highway, Johnsonville. Read about the history of the new shed here. Member ship ​ Membership is open to people aged 15 and over, who feel they would benefit from being part of a group to form new friendships, would like to be involved in community events and projects, have the desire to help someone in need, or just to overcome the need for companionship. ​ The knowledge and skills possessed by our members enable us to assist community organizations, such as schools, kindergartens, fisheries, and land-care groups with manufacturing, repair, and maintenance projects that they would otherwise have difficulty achieving. Join us now - fill in the online membership form. ​ . Our Committee ​ The TRMS Committee is the governing body, elected from the membership by the members, at the AGM. The current committee members are: ​ President: Jim Nicol Vice President: Grover Hurle Secretary: Greg Hayes Treasurer: Kevin Powell General Members: Tomas DeVoil, Chris Cox, Malcolm Chesterfield, Bob Whitworth, Michael Degracz and Brett Roulsten.

  • For Sale | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    For Sale At the Twin Rivers Men's Shed, we make many types of wooden items, as well as metal items, to sell. We also do those jobs that may need to be done, like fixing items that need repaired We can even make something special that you require at very competitive prices and do those bigger jobs that may be needed by community groups. ​ The following are samples of our recent work. Contact us for prices and availability or for advice and further information on your project.

  • Supporters | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Supporters We are thankful to the following individuals and organisations for their support of the Twin Rivers Men's Shed. David Francis Architect and other things

  • Donate | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Donate Your support will help the Twin Rivers Men's Shed provide a place for people of all ages to meet, enabling them to feel a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and wellbeing. ​ Donations will help us greatly to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Shed for our local community, whether they are p roducts, tools, equipment or pre-loved items, or a financial donation. ​ For a one time financial donation you can click on this donate button to go to PayPal 's hosted donation page where you can donate via your PayPal account or as a guest on a debit/credit card. For donations of goods please get in touch.

  • Contact | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Contact Us Twin Rivers Men's Shed Inc Shed & Postal Address : 1754 Princes Highway, Johnsonville Vic 3902 This is the location of our new shed from December 2023. (Open Wednesday, 9 am to 2 pm) Phone: 0493 073 427 Email: ​ We welcome your enquiry: ring, email, visit us, or send a message via the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Twin Rivers Men's Shed Contact Form Name Email Phone Subject Your message Send Message Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly.

  • Membership Form | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Membership Application Form To become a Twin Rivers Men's Shed (TRMS) member, and join in all that our shed has to offer, fill in the online application form below, and pay your fees through PayPal. Alternatively download and fill in the forms located to the right, and email, or print and deliver to TRMS, and pay as follows. Cheque, Cash, Eftpos at Meeting or Direct Deposit BSB 633 000 a/c 166906560 Notate with Family Name. 2023 Membership Fee: $50 per year (covers Voluntary Worker Personal Accident Insurance & Administration) Membership is renewed annually at or after the AGM. Membership Form (DOCX 28KB) Membership Form (PDF 82KB) Twin Rivers Men's Shed Membership Form First name Last name Email Phone Date of Birth Postal Address Residential Address (if different) Town Post Code Occupation Emergency Contact Name Emergency Contact Phone Emergency Contact Relationship I hereby agree to abide by the purposes, objectives and rules of the Twin Rivers Men's Shed Assoc. Inc. as written in the Constitution, and found in theTRMS Handbook. View Handbook Submit Application and Pay Fees Thanks for applying to be a member of the Twin Rivers Men's Shed. We'll get back to you shortly. Privacy Statement The Twin Rivers Men's Shed Association Inc. collects personal information on this form to facilitate your membership and safety in the Shed. The information will be kept secure and only provided to members who need to know for membership or safety purposes. If you wish to change any personal information, please contact the Secretary.

  • Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    The Twin Rivers Men's Shed welcomes you Looking for companionship? Want to learn new skills or share your skills with others? Interested in contributing to the local community? ​ The Twin Rivers Men's Shed provides a place for people of all ages to meet, enabling them to feel a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and wellbeing through activities and projects or offering, simply, a place to meet and chat over a cup of coffee with friends. Twin Rivers, East Gippsland is a rural/coastal region bounded by the Nicholson River in the west, the Tambo River in the east, the Alpine Way to the north and Lake King to the south. The shed serves the areas of Nicholson, Johnsonville, Metung, Tambo Upper, Swan Reach and other close by areas. Visit us Our new shed is situated at 1754 Princes Highway, Johnsonville Vic 3902, adjacent to the Johnsonville Hall. ​ 2024 o pening hours: Every Tuesday, Wednesda y and Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. ​ Visitors are most welcome. Come along and join us for a cuppa. We also have a small area to view our work and items for sale. Activities Woodwork Metalwork Technology Community Projects

  • Activities | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Activities We provide varied activities and we are keen to expand on these as we obtain new tools, new equipment and new members in our new shed. ​ Core activities at this time include woodwork and metalwork including for community projects. We have some people experimenting in building items using new technologies like 3D and laser printers. ​ In the near future we will be taking delivery of a large kiln. This will open the door to many opportunities such as pottery making and glass blowing. We have had enquiries to use the Shed for making mosaics and bead work. We also have speakers on Men’s Health Issues and would be delighted to speak with any local health groups who may be interested in talking to us about Men’s Health and Seniors health in general. A community garden will be built and planted once the new shed is up and running. To assist us with the funding of our building project, many of our members assist with our regular Bunnings BBQs, monthly Lions Club Saturday Market, and other fundraising activities. Woodwork Examples of our woodworking include: children’s wooden toys, potting benches, children's mud kitchens, bookcases, parrot and bat boxes, timber picnic tables (small and large). Old bench seats are being restored and offered for sale or restored for customers who provide their bench ends. We will make anything that is feasible, on request. ​ Tools available: drop saw, band saw, plane, belt sander, router, thicknesser, large lathe, and lots of hand tools. Metalwork Examples of what we have built include a large number of fish habitats for placement in the Gippsland Lakes system, a large trolley for pitch covers for a local cricket club. We have a major project on the books to build a large carriage out of an old farm trailer to be used for rides at fundraising ventures. Equipment available: small welder, plasma cutter, pedestal drill, metal roller. Community Projects We are always open to helping with worthy community projects including lawn mowing and painting. We have in the past done grounds clean ups and completed woodworking jobs for local schools and kindergartens. ​ We are not willing to take work away from local trades people and will only consider jobs that are to assist people struggling financially or local community projects. Technology We have obtained a laser printer engraver machine and a 3D printer and a couple of our members have been hard at work learning how to use them. ​ This is a new area for us and we are looking forward to seeing it develop.

  • Privacy & Accessibility | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville East Gippsland

    Privacy & Accessibility Privacy Statement The Twin Rivers Men's Shed Association Inc. collects personal information on the membership form to facilitate your Membership and safety in the Shed. The information will be kept secure and only provided to members who need to know for membership or safety purposes. If you wish to change any personal information, please contact the Secretary. Website Accessibility The Twin Rivers Men's Shed Inc is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of circumstance and ability. We aim to adhere as closely as possible to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0, Level AA), published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). ​ These guidelines explain how to make Web content more accessible for people with disabilities. Conformance with these guidelines will help make the web more user friendly to everyone. Whilst we strive to adhere to the guidelines and standards for accessibility, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website and we are currently working to achieve this. ​ Be aware that due to the dynamic nature of the website, minor issues may occasionally occur as it is updated regularly. We are continually seeking out solutions that will bring all areas of the site up to the same level of overall web accessibility. ​ If you have any comments and or suggestions relating to improving the accessibility of our site, please don't hesitate to contact our Secretary by email Your feedback will help us make improvements.

  • Handbook | Twin Rivers Men's Shed, Johnsonville, East Gippsland

    Handbook & Safety TRMS Handbook (DOCX 50KB) TRMS Handbook (PDF 200KB) Purposes The Association is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance the health of the community by providing opportunities for socially isolated people or people with emotional, mental, or physical health issues to work on projects and interact with other like-minded people in a supportive shed environment in the local community. In order to achieve this the Association will: Provide a physical location and Membership opportunities for people in the Twin Rivers area where they can work together, exchange ideas, experiences and find support, while undertaking charitable activities that benefit the broader community. To support local men and women to be happy and healthy and to contribute to the local community. To develop and share skills within a supportive and safe environment. To encourage men and women in the Twin Rivers Community to develop new relationships The constitution with all the association's rules is available by contacting the Secretary. The handbook of rules is below. Handbook Workshop Safety Tool Safety Welcome We hope that you find your time here enjoyable and rewarding. The Twin Rivers Men’s Shed is committed to providing and maintaining a friendly environment for all members and visitors. ALL Members and Supervisors share a Duty of Care to assist in identifying and rectifying any hazards. The Twin Rivers Men’s Shed will provide training in the use of equipment as required. The Twin Rivers Men’s Shed expects all members and visitors to observe and practice methods to ensure that no action or inaction on their part causes harm or hazard to any other person. ​ Your day at the shed When you arrive at the shed you should sign the Attendance Book A $2 attendance fee per person per day is levied to cover coffee, teas, etc. If you do not have an activity to carry on with, a Committee Member may be able to introduce you to a group or a project that you may like to join. Should you feel at any time that your skill level is not adequate to the activity being undertaken, you should bring this to the attention of the project leader or committee Member. New projects If you have an idea or a new project that you would like to introduce to the shed, discuss it with a Committee Member. Include in the discussion as many details as possible such as materials required, machinery/tools needed, manpower required when the project is to start and when it is proposed to finish, as well as any other details that may be relevant. The project can then be reviewed by the Committee and advice and feedback are given. Do not start a project without prior approval. Do not use steel, timber, and other materials unless they have been first allocated to your project. Finishing for the day When you are ready to leave for the day, clean up the area in which you have been working. All rubbish should be placed in the garbage bins. Clean the tools and machinery you have used. Hand tools and power tools should be placed back in the store. Loose power leads should be coiled and returned to the correct place. Chemicals-eg paint, thinners should be taken back to the chemicals storage area. When the area is clean and tidy, please sign off in the attendance book as you leave. Accidents and incidents Report immediately any practice that you think may cause damage to equipment or injuries to anyone in the shed or any condition that you consider to be a hazard. Whenever an accident or incident occurs, regardless of how minor, report and record it on the day of occurrence in the Shed Accident/Incident Register. Do not take unnecessary risks in the workplace – avoid distracting others while they are working. Always get help with heavy items. Use lifting equipment. Know the location and how to use fire extinguishers. Know where the first aid kits are located, and how to use them. Protective clothing Some protective clothing is provided for members' use. Use as appropriate and keep them clean and in good order. Please advise a Committee member if protective gear is damaged, is not available or you are having difficulty in using the equipment provided. Ear Muffs/ ear plugs to be used in noisy areas. Eye protection to be used where there are loose particles. Dust masks to be used when dust being created. Welding mask and special welding protection to be used when welding. Tools Only use tools that you are competent with. If in doubt, ask for assistance. Use the correct tools for the process being undertaken. Ask if unsure. Do not adjust or repair tools unless competent to do so. Check with your supervisor. Damaged or broken tools should be immediately brought to the notice of the supervisor, and taken out of service. Record this in the Faulty tools Register. Any tools or equipment brought onto the Association's premises or used in the Association's activities shall be subjected to scrutiny by a Committee member before being used. If deemed unsuitable, they must be removed from the site immediately. Machinery operation Do not operate machinery unless guards and /or safety devices are in place. If you are not familiar with a piece of machinery, read the operating instructions and talk to a Supervisor before commencing. Should any machinery or equipment become jammed or cease to function appropriately, do not under any circumstance seek to clear the obstruction or attempt to fix the problem without first turning the power to the machine off, and rendering it safe. Report the problem to the Supervisor or a Committee member. See the Supervisor or a Committee member for keys to machinery, locked guards or covers. Lifting equipment must be lowered to the ground or secured when not in use. Do not leave machinery running while you move away to perform another task. Stop the machine before walking away. ​ Machinery maintenance All machinery malfunctions or damage must be reported to the Supervisor or Committee Member, and recorded in the Faulty Tool/Equipment Register. Machine maintenance should only be carried out by persons with the appropriate training and experience. Ensure power to the machine is turned off prior to maintenance commencing. Chemicals Handle all chemicals with care. Only use chemicals that you are competent to handle. If unsure, ask. Read labels and follow instructions. Check material data Safety Sheets for additional information. Chemicals should be stored in the chemical storage area. Wear protective gear/clothing /gloves/masks as appropriate. Emergencies It is your responsibility to inform your Supervisor or a Committee member if you are on any medications that may affect your ability to work. Know where the first Aid kits and fire extinguishers are located. You must advise the Supervisor if you are intending to work off-site at a designated Shed Project. This should be recorded in the Attendance Register. Know who is your Health and Safety representative and who is your first-aid Members ( Refer to Notice Board in Shed.)

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